Up for SIMPLE tracking of your period?

If you care only about tracking your period - you’ll probably love Simple Cycle!

93.4% of women just want to know
when their next period is due *

* According to our research, while 30% of women specify that they use period tracking apps to avoid pregnancy, additional 62% use the app solely to know when their next cycle is. When asked what records do they track in the apps, 93.4% answered they just enter when their period has started in order to track their cycle and get predictions for the next period.

77.8% of women prefer a simpler
period tracking application *

* 77,8% of the women prefer a simpler application which offers only options they are interested in. A smaller percent of women (8%) don’t use notifications while 85% of women use them to be alerted about the arrival of their next period. Additionally, 49,2% want to be notified about their fertile days, too.

68.1% of women regularly use mobile
app to track their cycle *

* Almost 70% of women use period tracker apps. Most of the women (60%) try just one mobile application and stick with it while the third (33,3%) try out several apps before settling with the best option. Almost 55% of all these women think that the available period tracking applications offer too much options.